Jessica An
B.A. Piano, Master of Music Education
The owner of Union Jack Fish & Chips Restaurants

Since I came to Canada, I started to play piano at senior homes. Some churches invited me to share my testimony and play. It was challenge to play and speak in different churches, but I love to meet new people and share my story.

I also play in hospitals and long term care home for people who are sick and weak. Some of them don't know who they are, but I found they respond to my music and sang with me. Those are beautiful moments! I believe music can help their sickness and loneliness and I hope my music can touch their hearts. Praise God!

We who are strong in the faith ought to help the weak to carry their burdens. We should not please ourselves. Instead, we should all please other believers for their own good, in order to build them up in the faith (Romans15:1~2)

New Event
Piano performance in hospital
Jan 20(Sun) 11:45am ~ 12:15pm-performance
JOSEPH BRANT HOSPITAL (1245 Lakeshore Rd, Burlington, ON L7S 0A2)